Dedicated Server Hosting

Intense Power

You will have a whole server system dedicated to your hosting purposes. Unleash all its resources and capabilities to draw maximum performance on your website in the form of huge size and super-fast speeds.

  • With high capabilities comes the need for higher security. Your dedicated server will have an IP-based firewall and an effective DDOS attack protection system.
  • The server is highly flexible with customization options. You can choose an HDD or SDD hard drive as per your website requirements.

Focus on Support Service

Background tasks of maintaining and updating your server go on constantly and your websites will have near to zero downtimes.

  • Our data centers are secured and equipped with a stable power supply to prevent data corruption and downtimes.
  • We provide you 24/7 support services to solve any hosting issue through live chat, telephone calls, and emails.

Take control of your server.

  • You will have interactive and powerful control panels for managing your website-specific functions as well as for server configuration and starts monitoring.
  • On a Linux server, you will get the famous cPanel and WHM services.
  • On windows hosting servers, we provide the global standard Plesk control panel and Webmatrix allowing you to create and manage a website.

Dedicated Server Features

Full root access

Complete access to the core of the server allows you to customize the server efficiently.

DDOS Protection

DDOS attacks are most commonly used by hackers. Protect your server from hackers with dedicated multi-layer DDOS protection technology.

RAID-1 enabled

RAID 1 configurations automatically replicate data on more than one disk for ensuring recovery. If data is corrupted, you will always have a complete copy of the data saved.

Database support

Maintain unlimited MySQL, access, or any other database on your servers because we understand databases are important components of websites.

Control panels

Manage your back-end server configurations easily with cPanel or Plesk control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dedicated server hosting?
Dedicated server hosting involves renting a server for hosting any kind of website. You do not share this server with others. Since there is no sharing, all the server resources are available for your website, which provides power and speed to your website. A whole server for your website extremely increases the expansion possibilities.

Do I need dedicated server hosting?
Because of the greatest performance delivery, dedicated server hosting is fairly expensive. If you own a small website and rent a dedicated server, Server resources will be wasted. So, pay for a dedicated server only when you need large resources for your fast-growing website. Dedicated server hosting is a great option for large businesses and websites with huge traffic flows.

What are its benefits?
Dedicated server hosting is the most powerful hosting option where you have super-fast speeds, huge CPU power, large storage space, and multiple website copies. Quintersol also guarantees the lowest downtimes because of strong faith in our data centers.

What are the applications of a dedicated server in gaming?
Gaming servers are required to be powerful and smooth. Due to aggressive performance and huge storage, dedicated servers prove to be working best as gaming servers. Dedicated servers are a lot stable facilitating a lag-free and uninterrupted gaming experience.