Managed VPS hosting

Quintersol Managed VPS hosting

Complete control over the management

  • Enjoy full control over your virtual private server through a powerful management panel.
  • We provide you with full root access to your virtual server. Full root access implies that you can tweak the deepest values of the server. You can easily choose where to focus your server power.
  • Your virtual server is completely allocated to your website. There is no sharing of resources

Highly secure VPS hosting

  • Multiple layers of security and a strong DDOS protection layer protect your data and server from any attacks from external sources.
  • Your VPS is composed of trusted and leading infrastructure systems that ensure secure and reliable website hosting.
  • High-tech data centers housing your virtual private servers prevent any power cut-off and ensures 100% uptime for your website.

Scale smartly

  • VPS servers can be scaled up easily just like regular cloud hosting services. Allocation of resources is even easier with complete root access.
  • You can upgrade your plan in a few clicks and unleash more power into your server.
  • Easy scalability helps you to buy the correct amount of resources. There is no stacking of unused resources. You can scale up when you feel the need for it.

VPS hosting features

Set up quickly.

Quintersol VPS hosting allows you to get your virtual private server up and running within a few minutes. We activate your servers instantly, while other providers may take a few days to do so.

  • Higher flexibility

With root access, we allow you to add or install custom scripts and applications on your VPS easily.

  • No limits

With our VPS hosting, there is no limit on the number of domains, sub-domains, emails, and private name servers over different applications.

  • Power and speed

Hosting websites on your own virtual server can increase your processing speeds three times. Our strong hardware and software infrastructure makes this possible.

  • Active support

Our devoted team will help you in every step right from the starting and subscribing phase to the expansion phase.

  • Constant backups

The complete data on your virtual private servers are automatically backed up and saved in multiple locations every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does VPS hosting mean?
Virtual Private Servers are created by forming virtual machines on a real-life server. These virtual machines have their own dedicated memory and CPU power, which is not shared among other website hosts. It is your own personal server with power and speed similar to the dedicated hosting servers at a lower price.

How is VPS different from shared hosting?

VPS is closer in relation to a dedicated server. Shared servers limit your flexibility and speed, but they are affordable and great for small websites. Dedicated servers are very powerful and you have all the flexibility in your service operations. VPS provides the features of dedicated servers like flexibility and higher speeds. A good VPS plan will outperform shared hosting services any day.

How difficult is it to host a VPS server?
Our VPS setup is quick and instantaneous. But managing VPS servers and taking full control is another thing. We provide a convenient control panel in our managed VPS plans. This control panel can be easily operated with some basic analytical skills.

What kind of support will I receive?
You will receive extensive pre-sales and after-sales support from our dedicated team of technicians. We also provide help from top experts and admins of the VPS industry who will guide you towards fast growth. You can avail of this special support based on your subscription plans. You can also purchase this support as an individual addition to your existing VPS subscription.