Quintersol Managed WordPress Hosting

Super fast processing

  • WordPress instances hosted on Quintersol show blazing fast speed which processes your website with over 2.5x speed.
  • We make this possible with the use of intensive caching configurations on multiple layers, global CDN support, and low-density servers.
  • The option to choose optimal PHP and HTML support for your WordPress phenomenally increase your website speed.

Easy management

  • A state-of-the-art control panel helps you to manage your WordPress website or blog effortlessly in a few clicks.
  • Perform crucial tasks like scaling your traffic handling capacity quickly and easily.
  • Control panel allows you to handle your email and other add-on services.
  • Backup your WordPress content automatically and create multiple copies.

Excellent Customer Support

  • Get consultation services and query handling system with your subscription. Our team is dedicated to helping you solve any present and future problem.
  • Have complete guidance while transferring your pre-existing WordPress to our hosting services.

Our WordPress Cloud Hosting Features

Turbo speed

With amazing multi-layer caching, globally distributed CDN, and super responsive servers, we assure you of super-fast website loading.

Quick automatic backups

Back up your web contents automatically to different servers simultaneously. This ensures data safety and easy recovery of deleted or corrupt data.

Seamless Scaling

  • Since our hosting is cloud-based, scale your resource allocations quickly and handle any surge of traffic smoothly. You are given total control over resource allocations.

Simplistic control

  • With Quintersol, you can control the core activities of your website through a single portal. This makes it hassle-free and keeps administration interesting.

Strong guidance

  • With a team ready to help you round the clock, you will never be confused or alone in your WordPress hosting journey.

Mojo marketplace support

  • You will have access to tons of additional templates, themes, and plug-ins from the Mojo market to make your website more awesome.

Email management

  • We help you to manage and create new email addresses to support your WordPress website operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose managed WordPress hosting?
Managed WordPress hosting is specifically designed for hosting WordPress websites and blogs. WordPress hosting is the best choice if you want to scale up and manage your WordPress websites on a professional level. Choosing shared web hosting will not give you specialized and WordPress-oriented services.

Why should I host with Quintersol?
Our managed WordPress hosting services are cloud-based and come with a lot of benefits. You will enjoy faster speeds, better data security, easy scaling, virus protection, higher plug-in support, and extensive guidance in other core activities. You can get help from our expert 24/7 for any issue on your WordPress hosting. You will frequently receive valuable tips and tools from our team. All these services are provided in the form of packages priced very reasonably.

How to transfer my website?
Transferring your WordPress website happens smoothly. The transition is always glitch free and your website experiences no downtime. You can transfer it easily or we will do it for you because our team is working day and night for your satisfaction. You can transfer a fixed number of websites on our hosting based on your subscription package.

Is it worth the money?
Managed WordPress hosting is all about managing your fast-growing WordPress page efficiently. Earlier, you had been doing it yourself, but now the traffic is high and growth is necessary. Therefore, it is recommended to take expert help. This will make your page faster, remove the downtimes and errors, and make your webpage stable. This is a sure way of increasing your business prospects and keeping your visitors happy.