Quintersol Partnerships

Commencing a new project on the web or striking a partnership deal with an amateur digital agency can be slightly overwhelming. In this case, Quintersol is just what you would need. The company name signifies Quantum interactive solutions. We are into mainstream web development and applications development and have been running operations since 2007. We aim at providing the most customized services for our clients and only the best quality not to mention. At Quintersol, we will gain the trust of our clients but only by the type of service we actually provide.


Over the forthcoming years, we plan to build potent relationships with companies belonging to different sectors or industries and we will help them to navigate the gap between their business and their web services. Our company has a keen eye for relationship development with multiple partners in different capacities and we will also have a few varied offerings for partners that hold potential.

The types of companies we will be partnering with would be:

  • Accounting companies
  • Advertisement agencies
  • Information technology firms
  • PR firms
  • Marketing firms
  • Video production firms

The types of partnerships offered by us:

Referrals: A ground-level partnership that we offer would be a referral-based one. This system typically involves our partners referring to clients that they have and need our digital services. In this setting, our partners would generally give a potential client’s information to us and will inform us about what they want to achieve. Later, they will introduce us to the referred party. It is then our job to take it from there and close the deal and in case the deal closes successfully, we give out a referral bonus. This bonus will be according to the nature of relationship and the project itself.

White – label: This type of partnership requires us to not get involved in an interface with our client. Our company will carry out all the services behind the actual curtain. This is potentially a more suitable method for the traditional ad agencies that do not have in-house digital teams. Our company would work with such agencies and provide them with digital marketing services, web hosting, and much more.

Client–facing: Such a partnership will require us to face our client’s client directly. This is more of a one on one conversation wherein two parties are directly involved in a conversation with each other. It can be done discreetly or along with our client present during the conversations. Our company will suffice for the digital marketing leg of the client’s company and at the same time will help in communicating with the client.

Custom relationship: The central aim of our company is to fill the web gap between the partners we have and the clients that they have. We will work with our partners in three capacities already mentioned above and at the same time, we are also offering to hold a hybrid form of relationship with our client and their companies. All you have to do is give a call on the mentioned number and we promise we will try to work our best to develop a great working relationship among us.