Instead of having a new website built from scratch, our team can analyze your current one and see if can make it better suited to your needs.

ADA Compliance.

Not everyone can easily access websites, that is why the US Justice Department published the standards of accessible design. This document basically says that all online information must be accessible to people who are having disabilities. This includes any hardware and software with documentation. These are the standards that help organizations make more user-friendly websites for people with disabilities. We at Quintersol are well-versed with these standards and can help your organization in analyzing and also updating your website so that it is compliant with these standards. These standards must be implemented if you want your website to be accessed by all types of people in society. People with hearing disabilities may need access to a talkback feature for your website. This may not be possible with your current website and may have to be changed, these are some of the things that we look at.

Website Auditing.

Website audits are best suited for an organization that is looking at a second option for their already live website. The team at Quintersol will do a detailed audit of your content on the website and the code that is running all of it and analyze any and all improvements that can be made to your website. The team will be looking at every aspect of your website including the overall views and structures. At Quintersol, we will help you make your website better by giving you suggestions on how to improve the overall content of your website. Many websites are not frequented by people because the links to the relevant content are hard to find. The team at Quintersol will pick up all of these and include them in our reports. Our team will also work with you personally to see what your goals and aspirations for the website are and then decide if your current website is actually meeting all of these parameters. We will also suggest steps that can be taken so that your website can actually convey what you want it to convey.

A/B testing.

A/B testing is essentially like a survey that companies like Quintersol perform on the client’s website. What they do is change small things like the backgrounds, themes, color of the buttons and links, and making some small updates. These changes are then put to the test by having a group of people compare the ‘A’ website and the ‘B’ website in order to determine which style that common people are more comfortable with. These small changes can improve the ratings and perception of the website in great ways. The A/B testing is recommended for companies that already have a very good website online and they do not want any major changes in the content and such to be made. The elite team at Quintersol will make these small suggested changes and put them to the test as stated above.