New phone? The nightmare that is outdated software

According to a study by Upstream’s Secure_D, when compared to Q1 2019, there were 55% more fraudulent mobile transactions and devices infected with malware in Q1 2020. What was even more stupefying was the Buzzfeed article where George Cleaves, Secure-D’s  Managing Director accentuated that malware was now found pre-installed in brand new phones – out … Read more

A look at phone hacking: what it is, how it happens, and how to protect yourself

Malware fake notifications

In the recent past, phone hacking has reared its head once again. Needless to say, with the widespread use of smartphones – over 3 billion users worldwide and growing (image below), it is no wonder that hackers are now more focused on hacking smartphones. Vital services such as banking, online payments, and email that can … Read more

4 Industries Where Mobile Apps Are a Must-Have: A Data-informed Outlook

Mobile Apps

According to Applied Market Research, by 2026, the mobile apps market globally will be $407.31 billion. The bigger question, however is, should all businesses and brands in all industries join the bandwagon and have an app made for them? Are there industries that need to get started with their app journeys more than others? And … Read more

How can you measure UX?

Checkout UX

The 16th of July 2020 was “Get to Know your Customers Day”. We as a tech company therefore decided to explore a key concept when it comes to keeping your customers happy as they interact with your brand – user experience (UX). The big question is – how do you know that you are on … Read more

Where you might be going wrong in your digital transformation process

Digital Transformation

In 2019, Digital Transformation was named the number one priority for IT initiatives in companies worldwide. By 2023, expenditure on technology and related services that enable DT will be $2.3 trillion. Brands have already begun to enjoy the benefits of digital transformation (DT or DX). For example,  Domino’s Pizza has been able to integrate digital … Read more

Your no-BS app development checklist

Mobile App Development

So you have done all your research, talked to your customers, checked your budget, and even settled on a software development company that you are going to work with to finally bring your idea to life. As exciting as this might be, we want to help you ensure that you have all the essentials in … Read more

Of WWDC, Intel, and some ramblings about what this might mean

Apple Ditches Intel

So WWDC 2020 – Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference happened last week, between the 22nd and 26th of June. Despite being the first-ever virtual-only WWDC due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot happened: iOS 14 is now available in beta for developers, we now have Scribble to help us to literally ‘scribble’ on our iOS devices, … Read more

Should you build an Android or iOS app for your business?

OS Versions

You have finally concluded that a mobile app is the best strategy for your brand, depending on the goals that you intend to achieve. In case you have not, read our article on Why are mobile apps important for businesses? One last thing that you need to decide, however, is the operating system (OS) to … Read more

Is a hybrid app the best choice for my brand?

Apps built with Flutter

The journey of building an app for your business or brand is not easy. There a lot of factors to consider and come into play for your app to see the light of day, and help you achieve the goals that you desire. If you are yet to decide whether you need an app for … Read more

The digital twin explained: a look at your most frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Digital Twin

The word ‘twin’ brings to mind the concept of similarity, of a replica. It makes you think about two things or two people. In the same way,  a ‘digital twin’ brings to mind a copy, or a second version of something, with a view of the copy being virtual. In this article, we look at … Read more