Transfer your domains to Quintersol

Convenient and easy transfer

You can transfer your domains to a better place and get free services in return. How good a deal that is! Transferring your domains to Quintersol is easy and comes with many perks. We sell domains and we also transfer external domains under our maintenance. So, you don’t have to wait for your domain expiry to register with us. On transferring your domain to us, we grant you a free one-year extension of your domain registration from the date it was registered. You can transfer your domain by clicking on the “Connect a domain” option and then follow the instructions. Our team will personally support the transfer in case of any confusion or errors. Our transfer is cheap for every domain, and you will benefit forever from your decision in terms of performance and costs.

Transfer your domain and get free features.


We will renew your domain registration automatically after the end of the registration period. This prevents accidental domain expiry and any website downtime. It also eliminates the user’s need to remember the date of registering the domain again.

Easy Controls

You get a control panel with every domain. Control every aspect of your domain through our highly responsive control panel. You can also monitor simplistic domain statistics easily without any coding knowledge.

High security

Your domain registration is secured and our systems prevent any unauthorized hijacking of your domain by external parties. This keeps your website safe from hackers and stable in performance.