Web Applications

A web application is basically an enhanced version of a website. The web application performs a specific function by connecting a client to your web browser. A user will be able to access your web application from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a web browser and a working internet connection. The web application can be a simple board displaying a message or be complex as an online shopping platform with multiple sellers. If your organization has a big idea that you want to implement online, Quintersol is a web development company that can make a web application for you.


One of the most common web applications that are out there on the internet is the E-commerce web application. Essentially, an E-commerce website is a website that allows the user to buy things from multiple vendors. These websites must also have the capabilities to process some of the common modes of online payment like Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal and other such payment companies. The development of a website for an E-commerce vendor will take usually between 9 to 12 months depending on the complexity of the design and the features that are to be implemented.

Web Apps.

Some web apps require months and months of planning before you can start building them, a good example is project management software and the related tools for it. A certain business might have a different method of project execution than other companies. The experienced web developers from Quintersol will work along with you to understand what your needs are and then create a detailed scope and detail all the deliverables with the deadlines for the same. The price of developing a web app varies depending on the complexity of the app and making one will usually take about 9 to 12 months from start to finish.

Project Scoping.

The web consulting of Quintersol will include an in-depth meeting with you and your organization’s key players so that we can detail all the functions that you desire in your web application. This will help greatly if you have a big idea that you want to implement. The team at Quintersol will provide you with a detailed scope of the project along with some initial concepts of the design. Once you have this with you, you can go ahead with Quintersol to have the idea executed.

Custom Plugins.

WordPress has many plugins that provide a variety of plugins that suit most functions of businesses. If WordPress is not able to provide a plugin for the function that you require, the team at Quintersol will work along with you to build one. This can also include making custom plugins for integration with specific APIs for any third-party apps or tools that you use in your business on a regular basis. The team at Quintersol will interact with your staff to work out a plan to build the desired custom plugin.