Web Design

Website is one of the most important requirements in today’s corporate world if one wants to stand out. We provide you with complimentary services of Web hosting. We provide you stupendous features like auto-updates, isolation of accounts, optimization of software, daily backups, email addresses that are unlimited, integration of cloud flare, server-level protection, free services for 24×7 as well as a money-back guarantee of 30 days. We also have a myriad of videos available to guide you on how to utilize our services. In the frequently asked questions, you can find relevant solutions to your doubts. However, if you are still skeptical about something, feel free to contact us. Our support system is very conductive and industrious. We have affordable prices for our services and if you are unsure about which package to buy then our team can assist you in that.


These websites are the most appropriate choice for people with modicum budgets and are ready to accept the limitations of a template. There are around more than 40 customizable templates to choose from and then drag and drop the content according to one’s choice. These templates are mobile-friendly templates and very intriguing for the viewers. It is a good choice and one should definitely invest in them. These templates come at an affordable price.


Semi-custom websites basically modify the templates of WordPress to fit the needs of the customer. SEMI custom websites are considered to be the best sites for companies who have a slightly higher budget and want to experiment with the look of the website. It is somewhat similar to template websites except for the fact that the structure of the website can be altered according to the choice of the customer. The only difference between template and semi-custom websites is that of the price. The price of semi-custom websites is slightly higher than template websites due to some more added features.


These types of websites are ideal for businesses of medium size and for those companies which can invest a good summer of money on the websites. The budget for custom websites is higher as compared to other genres of websites. For this genre of websites, we meet the customer personally before starting off with the design and other aspects of the websites. Our team assists full time till the work is not materialized with 100 percent satisfaction of the customer.


We not only build new websites for you but also help in the modification of existing websites. If you come to us with some old websites and ask us to modify them accordingly, we will assist you in that as well. You just need to tell us the type of changes you need, and we will make the necessary changes.


Apart from the above offerings we also provide additional features according to your budget. It includes adding plugins to bolster the functionality of your websites like an event calendar, IDX integration, etc. We can also add other specifications according to your choice.