Cloud hosting

Host with the best- Quintersol Cloud hosting

Experience speed

  • Top-of-the-line hardware features, low-density servers, and techniques like varnish caching ensure that the server focuses the resources on necessary tasks.
  • Get a sharp hike in processing speeds. Your website is served with double speed when you host with Quintersol Cloud service.

Experience size

  • Large traffic inflow is an event of happiness. Have no worries about server capabilities with our cloud hosting services.
  • As your website grows, you can easily scale your virtual server in a few clicks. No difficult server transfer and data migrations are required.
  • Prevent downtimes and site reboots which can annoy your visitors and affect your business.

Monitor stats like a pro

  • With our efficient dashboard, observe and analyze all the stats related to your website’s performance.
  • An easy user interface allows anyone with the basic knowledge to read and understand data effectively. No high-end coding and network knowledge are needed.
  • Dashboard tools give accurate data about usage trends, traffic flow, uptime, ping, etc.

Cloud Features

  • Caching for speed

An inbuilt caching configuration will save the most used pages to give a much-needed additional speed boost to your visitors.

  • Performance tracking

Track website performance-related figures through a highly innovative dashboard. Observe the data and make changes accordingly.

  • Resource tracking

Track your resource consumption to decide when to scale up. Allocating more resources are super easy and instant.

  • Powerful Control Panel

Manage your website, subdomains, and email services through a single place just like shared hosting services.

  • Backup your website

Multiple copies of your website are maintained at different locations to ensure complete recovery in case of any adversity.

  • Automatic Failover

In case of a server failure, your website is instantly transferred to other servers to prevent any downtime and inconvenience to your visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud hosting?
Cloud hosting is the latest and revolutionary hosting technology that divides your website over multiple virtual servers. These servers work in synchronization to provide a fast processing speed. Since data is spread across many virtual servers, it prevents any downtimes caused by server failures.

Why Quintersol Cloud Hosting?
Started in 2007, Quintersol has a wide portfolio of satisfied individuals and large businesses. With easy-to-set-up hosting, super-fast processing speeds, top-of-the-class monitoring systems, and friendly customer support, Quintersol has emerged among the top cloud hosting providers.

Is cloud hosting reliable?
The cloud hosting service of Quintersol is highly reliable. We maintain complete backups of your website, which can help in tackling every worst-case scenario. Cloud Hosting servers are spread out, and it is not possible that all of them fail at once. Your website will be up 24/7 with our hosting support.

Cloud hosting or Shared hosting, Having Doubt? Find out which is better.

Cloud hosting outperforms shared hosting in many aspects. Scaling up on shared hosting is a relatively long task. Cloud hosting scales up your server capabilities instantly and allows you to handle more traffic. Cloud hosting also provides better speed and the highest level of reliability. Security against any kind of server failures and downtimes is much higher than shared hosting.