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Get a perfect logo for your business today!

With a Quintersol platform, we connect you to expert designers all around the globe to create that soulmate-type logo for your businesses. A logo so beautiful and creative will stay in the brains of your customers.

Why does your business need a professional logo?

Logo plays a great role in establishing public relations of business. People often forget the name of a business but can identify the business through its logo.

A logo is one of the most important parts of an effective branding strategy. In fact, it is the foundation of your brand. A logo and tagline are the first things a brain memorizes about a product.

A professional and elegant logo grabs a lot of attention and also lands a great first impression on your potential customers. A logo can be used creatively to appeal more to a target audience. A creative logo will also give your business an edge over its competitors.
The logo is a way of conveying your business name and values visually. Visual images always teach better than plain text. People feel excited to see attractive visuals while text characters are boring.

A good and constant logo establishes brand loyalty for your business. This brand loyalty can benefit in the form of repeat sales. Buy a professional loo with Quintersol and keep it trendy forever. This will also increase your brand goodwill.

How our Logo Design Service Works

At Quintersol we have a systematic way of connecting you to your future favorite designer. The process is similar to a freelancing website and goes like this:

Fill your posting form and publish your job.
As the first step, you have to put a project request on our website. You can do so by creating an advertisement post asking for proposals on your task. You will choose a designer for your business logo from these proposals. Your proposal needs to be trustworthy and genuine. Include all the details about your requirements and expectations from the logo. Try to give as much context as you can to allow designers to run their own creative brains on your logo design task. Also, mention in your proposal about the deadline for the logo designing project and the paid amount you can afford on the project.

Receive Bids

If your job posting looks genuine and your budget is good, you will start receiving bids from different designers around the globe. These bids contain information about the logo designers who have placed the bid and the price they are offering for the project. You will receive a lot of bids when your job posting is done right.

Choose the best bid matching your business needs.

Once you have a lot of bids from different designers on your logo design request, you have to choose the best option from the list. The chosen one will take the responsibility of creating a logo for a website or business. Once you pick a designer, you can choose his best design for your website and have it copyrighted Choose the bid based on the past record and ratings of a designer. Also, check whether the payment methods and credibility of the logo designer are up to the mark or not. Our designers are tested and verified, but still, you should keep an eye on any fraudsters on the platform.

Fundamentals of Logo Design

What is Logo Design?

The logo design of a business is often the first thing people notice. They make perceptions and notions about business through the logo. Understanding such an important element is crucial. We see logos every day. Raise your head from the screen and look around you. You will notice many logos on different products and items. Logo design is basically a representation of your business and business values in a visual format. Logos helps a business to stay connected with people. It also helps in strengthening the brand of a business. Symbols and lines are a better form of communication than bare colorful texts. We provide such simplistic or detailed types of logo designing services. Every business should take the task of logo designing seriously, and you should incorporate a logo into your business as soon as possible with Quintersol.

How to Design a logo?

Logo can be made according to the owner’s requirements. It is a highly customizable process to design a logo for your business. You can get your creative juices flowing and make a detailed logo for yourself. But keep in mind that minimalistic logos are still trendy and loved by all. Minimalistic and simplistic logos give an exotic and professional vibe to the business. A logo is not only limited to shapes, colors, and fonts, but you can also add images, pictures, and occasional Photoshop effects. A logo should not be too complex or it will be tough to remember by the general public. It should be appropriate for all kinds of audiences. It should be versatile so that a single logo depicts your business values across all your product lines. The important feature is the Timelessness of a logo. A logo should be timeless and suitable for all eras. Frequent changes in your logo reduce your brand following

What logo colors and fonts should be used?

Your logo is closely related to your brand. So, the color scheme of your logo is often decided by the color scheme of your brands. Make a wise choice about your logo color because it will help you to merge with the product brand better. Picking colors will often appeal to the subconscious of your viewer’s minds. An orange color scheme will bring a feeling of warm happiness to the visitors whereas the cold colors like black, grey, and dark blue convey a feeling of coldness which is not very good for your logo design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Quintersol Logo design service?
Quintersol provides its logo design services like a middleman between those who need a logo and those who can create a logo for a minimal cost. Our services connect you both in real-time. We provide an easy chat system if you need to talk to the assigned developer. You can brief him anytime about more details regarding the required logo. Quintersol has a wide connection of developers and adds posters. So, your project post will always have bids flowing in. You will have a limited number of posts available with a free plan, and you can upload unlimited posts with our Paid logo design services.

Can I request changes and revisions?

Yes, our designers give the option of revisions of your logo designs provided. However, some designers do not allow revisions. In these cases, you can later negotiate with the designer about the number of revisions you can have in every project delivered. You have to develop relations with different designers present on the website over time to maintain a happy business with them.

Will my logo be copyrighted?

Once you choose the designer, you can provide him instructions to create the perfect logo. As soon as you get the logo delivery, you can get all the source files of the logo. After getting complete source files, you are free to make copyright conventions for your website and the ownership of the logo will be transferred to you completely. This ownership will be international and irrevocable. The transfer of ownership and copyright of the logo also depends upon the type of plan you are subscribed for a Quintersol.
Can I use an image as a reference for the Logo?
Yes definitely. If you want to send a picture as a reference to the designer, you can do so by adding pictures in the project briefing you earlier uploaded on the platform. Providing a reference picture will help the designer to create more realistic images and logos for your website. You can even send your own picture to the designer as a reference, and our high-class designers will design a logo containing your image.

Should I go for an individual freelancer or a design agency?
It depends upon your requirements. If you need a highly customized logo with added trends, you should go for a freelancer. But logo designing in bulks or just casual logo designing can be done through designing agencies. You will have higher customization with hiring a good freelancer.